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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Trek to Langha Mata

How to Trek to Langha Mata

Langha Mata with temple site in the lap of Green hills looked over by Dhauladhar Mountains in Palampur side. This is an easy Day Hike trek, so we advice start early in the morning.

View of Langha Mata Temple and Shiva Temple

Trek But Please Do Not Throw Your Garbage on Trail and near Temple premises, carry an extra bag to put your garbage in.

To reach the starting point of trail to Langha Mata temple, you need to reach village Nanahar, which comes after Village Kandbari and Village Khas Bari.

You can board a Himachal Roadways Transport Corporation Bus (HRTC) leaves Palampur ISBT around 07:30 AM and goes through Old Palampur Bus Stand and bus stop near Punjab National Bank at 08:00 AM (keep a watchful eye if you decide to board from Old Bus Stand), this bus will drop you near Govt Sr Sec School and Primary Health Center of Nanahar and by the side water filtration system, the starting point of this trek.

The first HRTC bus leaves Palampur ISBT at 07:30 AM, consult the bus stand authorities a day in advance, though no need of advance booking for seat. Alternatively you can drive up to Nanahar, or can board any bus for Baijnath, Manali and ask for Dramman bus stop.
From Dramman bus stop either board a shared cab up to Kandbari or hire a taxi for Nanahar (a not so good option).

Once you reach Nanahar School, climb a steep concrete road going upward North. At the end of this concrete road turn left and then after 20 meter walk, turn right up side, here this trail has a shop on to the this shop the concrete trail gets divided in to two parts.

You can take any of them… (a) the trail on to left will go through a house with temple of Lord Hanuman and a right turn through fields and will end in front of homes and a Water Well with a small temple on top… (b) if you take right hand concrete trail, which is a little bit of lengthy but straight and will end in front of the same water Well.
View from Nanahar point, here the Trail is divided in two direction
View from Nanahar

From the Water Well and after a little walk from the back side of the house and livestock point, one trail goes to left and other trail goes to right hand side...take turn to right hand up side trail and after a short walk, you will notice a waterhole on left...cross over and from there the single trail starts, climb up the pebbled trail and turn right up side…..and once you reach near the water tank do not deviate either left side or right side...just look out for the trail straight up side (North)….with two rest points on trail.
Trail Coming from Palampur side
On the last rest will notice a punctured water pipe and another trail going down to left and one going to said earlier once you are on main trail, Avoid any trail going left or right….keep walking upside and since here trail visibility is 100% clear, so no chance of getting lost.
Last of the Climb

View of Temple from Opposite side
With a bit of common sense you will make it to the temple of Langha Mata. There are no shops on trail or near temple, so carry your lunch, water and some fruits for refreshment.

You can come back to village Nanahar bus stop by least 03:00 PM or early and better reach bus stop of village Kandbari to retreat either Palampur or Dharamsala. The last bus from Kandbari leaves at 04:30 PM

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Birni Devi

Birni Devi

In the heights of Dhauladhars neighboring Triund is the temple of Birni Devi in Palampur.
Temple of Birni Devi is located above Gallu Langha village of Palampur and is accessible from following route Palampur–>Lohna–>upper Bundla–>Gallu Langha.

Friday, 16 May 2014



Satchali; Satchali with an elevation of about  2890 meters and at the base of Waru Pass of Dhauladhar Mountain Range in Palampur region is another beautiful spot for summer camping.

Clouds covering Waru Jot as seen from Satchali

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Bhima Paani in Satchali

Bhima Paani in Satchali

Bhima Paani in Satchali ~ during the Exile Pandavs roamed Himalayas and to quench thirst of his mother Kunti, Bhima hit the mountain wall with his Gada (mace) to find water and that resulted in this little fountain and as named as Bhima Paani ~ For trekking to Satchali you may contact Gaurav Walia over +919459790810

Sunday, 11 May 2014

As Indrahar Pass so is Waru Pass

As Indrahar Pass so is Waru Pass 


This is not about the height or difficulty level of Mountain's more than that!
I got up early by 3:30 am to get ready for my third High Mountain but first long duration and length hike with all ration and cooking stuff on backpack. Left home around 5:40 am and was at Dramman around 06:15 am and the good thing was like election campaign days and marriage functions for all taxis were engaged so I'd to kill myself at Dramman for almost 2 hours and finally at 8:30 am got the lift up to Kandwari....I remember my first high mountain hike of Indrahar Pass in Dhauladhar Mountain Range..during my first climb and stay in Indrahar Jot the feeling I had was just like a child has once he/she sits on the shoulders of parents and seeing the views around that are generally barred owing to once height and age!
Pir Panjal Range and ManiMahesh Kailash Peak Chamba

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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Langha Mata

कृपया प्रकृति माता और लान्‍ंघा माता मंदिर परिसर और रास्ते को साफ रखें कोई प्‍लास्‍टिक या कूड़ा-कर्कट ना फेंकैं |
Since long Mountains have fascinated humans and some felt scared of them. But only within these Mountains the sage and saints find Peace. Mountains have been watching every activity down on Earth and have kept a record of all incidences and they share it with whoever comes to them and has the capability to communicate with them.

Mountains have found an honorable space with the Gaddi shepherds. As these Gaddi shepherds have been frequenting them since long time and used Mountain Trails and Passes to migrate with their livestocks from one region to other. Though at present this trend is on decline as so called future generation finds this tradition a symbol of backwardness, but they keep forgetting that the Real Life is what their parents and ancestors had.